I’m a business owner who wants to internationalize my operations. What do I need in order to expand my business into overseas markets?

With 35 year of experience in international practice, LUPICINIO INTERNATIONAL LAW FIRM has a network of lawyers all over the world who can provide specialized global legal services in the jurisdiction you need.

I am planning to invest in the Middle East, but beforehand I need a comprehensive legal opinion on those markets that will allow me to successfully execute my business strategy.

LUPICINIO INTERNATIONAL LAW FIRM is the first Spanish law firm that has specialized in legal advice for companies who wish to invest in the Middle East. We will guide you through all of the investment phases and provide you with local lawyers who can ensure your project is operating correctly, minimizing the legal risk.

I want to expand my business in Latin America and I will need legal advice in third countries from local lawyers. Does LUPICINIO INTERNATIONAL LAW FIRM work with local law firms in those countries?

Even though Latin America does not present the same cultural or language barriers as an investment in Asia or Africa might, out Latin Desk can help you. Comprised of a team of lawyers with extensive experience in Latin America, they can assist you to make sure your American business plans and investments are successful.

I’ve received an offer to purchase my company and I need advice and guidance before negotiating and closing the operation.

LUPICINIO INTERNATIONAL LAW FIRM’s multidisciplinary mergers and acquisitions team has extensive experience advising on all manner of commercial operations. Our M&A team includes litigators who will prevent problems and protect against litigation. We will support you throughout the negotiation process and maximize you best interests.

I need to know whether my technology company complies with current regulations.

We can help you confirm this via our due diligence and legal planning services. We offer practical, realistic and constructive advice to inform you if your company is maximizing available tax, corporate, employment and regulatory advantages that exist under the current legal framework in your business sector, and whether you have sufficient risk planning in place.

I want to refinance my business and I need an expert in banking and financing operations.

Our multidisciplinary refinancing team comprises financial and legal experts experienced in, among others, the refinancing of large listed company, the management of insolvency proceedings and the representation of companies in negotiations with financial institutions and vice versa.

A foreign company is interested in becoming my local partner and has sent me a complex contract I don’t fully understand. Would you be able to advise me as to its content?

A careful drafting or review of the contract clauses is advisable, especially with high value and international contracts, to protect against future problems. Together with the law firm Weil, Gotshal & Manges we have designed a prevention service that can protect you against possible future litigation and arbitration proceedings.

I export to Cuba, a country under US sanctions which does not have a convention with the EU. Can you help me to perform my business activities there without any risks?

Our International and Compliance teams will identify the risks inherent in sensitive operations and assist you with their multidisciplinary long-term vision. When considering compliance and regulatory risk issues there are no shortcuts.