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Labour Relations Forum 27/01/15: An Event to Remember

Magistrate of the Supreme Court Antonio Sempere

On the 27th of January in Madrid, the seventh instalment of the Foro de Relaciones Laborales (Labour Relations Forum) working sessions, hosted by Lupicinio International Law Firm, was held at our offices in Calle Villanueva, 29. This event was intended to be a meeting point in order to present an analysis of the most important labour-related case-law from the past year. Considering some of the most recent judgements on contractual matters, in a turbulent situation like the present, the session could not have been timelier.

With two and a half hours ahead of us, (which were ultimately not enough, as we would have been able to continue chatting at length on the fascinating subject), the conference guests arrived with rigorous punctuality despite it being rush hour, and in an unusual cocktail-networking-presentation format, the working session proceeded very smoothly indeed.

The exceptional speaker, Magistrate of the Supreme Court Antonio Sempere, with skill and a very human approach, explained in an entertaining and informative manner an extensive summary of cherry-picked resolutions. He did so whilst encouraging a relaxed and participatory exchange of views on the judgements that aroused the most interest among the select audience, which represented many of the most dynamic companies in the country.

In fact, the first disputes and questions related to this case-law in the Labour field, i.e., with its implications as a source of law, were ultimately those which would interest any Human Resources professional from a legal perspective and on which they did not hesitate to elaborate, pausing the discussion on matters such as the ultra-activity of agreements and their effect on contracts, the role of proof in cases of contractual termination, discrimination, expert investigations in redundancies, etc.

The Labour team at Lupicinio International Law Firm  invited the guests to reflect on the challenges and “opportunities” that come about from these failings, in order to provide professionals with ideas and tools to anticipate changes and trends in the criteria to be followed. We can certainly conclude that both objectives were fully met. The flowing development and exquisite organization of the event, and the speaker’s charisma and dynamic as well as informative treatment of the different cases made the event a true success, in addition to being an opportunity to tackle first-hand the current situation in the field of Labour law, due to certain evolving criteria, as well as the approach to be taken by key industry players.

The event was brought to a close by Lupicinio, Managing Partner of the firm, who had nothing but words of gratitude for the attendees, whose time we greatly appreciated, and who are high-standard professionals with experience and proposals from which we can learn a great deal, and with whom we will strive to strengthen ties and tackle exciting projects.

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